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About Me


My name is Shane, and I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor MBACP.


I currently run a private practice based in Tunstall Road in Croydon and South London Therapy Group in Peckham for face-to-face sessions, Caya Therapy in Peckham and I also offer online sessions via Zoom.


I believe that we all know ourselves better than anyone else. I see it as my job to help you uncover parts of you that may be lost, hidden, or not in your awareness.

I offer a warm, calming, supportive, and empathic presence. This will allow you to be yourself, free of any judgment. By working together, we will create a space to allow you to discuss whatever may be on your mind freely.

In addition to my private practice, I have worked in the emergency services as well as working alongside local authority mental health services and other partner agencies.


I have experience supporting clients with:

Anxiety, Depression, men’s issues, self-esteem issues, racial identity, emergency services trauma/PTSD, and trauma.


Issues that may bring you to therapy that I will work with:


Dealing with stress and anxiety and pressures in your day-to-day life.

Navigating and recognition of life transitions.

Creating and sustaining meaningful relationships.

Feelings of low mood or depression.

Trouble regulating, understanding, and articulating emotions.

Navigating and grieving a loss, bereavement, or end of a relationship.

Abusive relationships and domestic violence.

Unresolved issues from your past (trauma, abuse, or neglect).

Issues around sexuality, gender, and sex relations.

Issues around race, racial identity, and historic trauma.

Male identity and masculinity.

Emergency services Trauma.


1. Making an appointment?

You can use the email form on the contact page and the telephone number listed.

2. Price and Payment

I charge £68 (50mins). I accept contactless card payments, bank transfers, and cash.

3. Do you offer a consultation before I start therapy?

I offer a free 20-minute consultation as it is important to allow you time to talk about what is bringing you to therapy and the practicalities of when we work together. It also allows us to understand whether we are right for each other.

If we continue working together, I will send a counselling agreement and my privacy policy before our first session.


4. Number of sessions

This will be discussed in your initial telephone consultation session.


5. Availability

Monday(face-to-face/online Peckham) 5.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Tuesday (face-to-face/online Croydon) 5 pm - 9 pm

Wednesday(Online Only) evenings 5 pm - 9 pm

6. You are not available when I would like a session. Can you recommend another therapist?

I have a colleague based in Central London Nika Jelendorf  or I have a colleague based in Greater London in Hampton Julie Nathanson .


If you are seeking a male therapist, I can also recommend Rowan Gray, who is based in Brixton


7. Confidentiality

I take your confidentiality very seriously, which we can discuss in more detail in our first session.

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My Approach
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